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Believe it or not, I have been asked numerous times why I design websites on WordPress. Well, I say, why not? WordPress has been in the industry for 15 years now. It has become the preferred platform by developers and bloggers alike with 65 million websites and blogs hosted WordPress is widely recommended due to its simplicity and myriad of benefits. I am amongst those designers that prefer WordPress in designing websites.

There are several reasons why I design websites on WordPress and here are my top 5 reasons:

1. Versatile

WordPress caters to any form of niche or business. Whether you delve into blogging, e-commerce, social platform, or even all of these into one big website, WordPress will work for you.

2. Straightforward

Having an easy to learn, use, and understand platform is something I strongly prefer. WordPress has a short learning curve, user-friendly, and easy to update. To protect your data from any hacking or accidents, there’s a backup plugin you can use to automatically create backups and store them safely.

3. Plugins

It easy to customize the functionality of your website with the help of WordPress plugins readily available to download and install. Plugins are like applications that you can use to add features like analytics, forms, anti-spam, and more. Plugins make it easier to manage any website.

4. Incredible Support and Security

WordPress has been around for long that it has developed a passionate and safe community. It has an incredible developer support community you can ask specific questions regarding your website from getting started to troubleshooting.  WordPress users are always notified of required updates and they are easy to do.

5. Built for Search Engines

WordPress is an SEO-friendly platform. Due to the high-quality code and markup that create WordPress websites, Google and other search engines highly favor it. Also, there are plugins that you can find and integrate to your WordPress website to manage SEO data. There is a wide selection of SEO to further optimise your website.


If you already have a WordPress website or thinking about building one, check out this post about 5 Simple Things You Can Fix On Your WordPress Website To Improve Page Loading Speeds.

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