Why Design Project Deadlines Are Important


Every designer reacts differently to deadlines. There are some that like them and consider them a challenge, especially when clients want them done before a big launch. Others may struggle with them more often than not. Deadlines create too much tension and sometimes could cause pressure to build up. Although, there are clients that would not set deadlines which would limit designers and developers’ creative freedom without having to worry about a schedule.

Here are the top three reasons why deadlines are important in design projects:

1) Designing is a systematic process.

There is a process to everything, especially in design projects. There are several things involved in designing; from collecting content to mapping out the design. When there’s a system, there will be order. That way, updating clients on your progress will be easier. When you work with deadlines, you’re allotted time for quality assurance, which allows appropriate work to be delivered to clients.

2) Designs need to be approved by clients.

Project deadlines are important not only to clients but as well as the designing team. If there is a timeframe, there should be room for revisions just in case the client demands them without affecting the workflow. Being able to create and deliver a project in a specific time frame is a major factor for clients.

3) Fast Work Means More Work.

When you set a deadline, you get things organized and you’ll be able to cater to more clients. If clients are satisfied with your output, they would return to you with more projects. There’s nothing clients want more than efficiency.

Having a design project deadline is also a sign of respect for your clients. That means you respect their time as much as you do yours. It’s vital to be professional since your reputation and your client’s business is at stake.

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