5 Things Awesome Designers Do That You Don’t Know

What Web Designers Do

Web and graphic designers are important game players in developing a website. In this day and age, the demand for website designers has significantly increased. People may often overlook the awesome things designers do for every user’s needs and convenience, but users certainly appreciate the output.

If you are an aspiring designer and currently striving your way up the ladder, here are what web designers do and you probably should, too.

1) They Break Rules.

Even though the Web design world has necessary rules designers should follow, oftentimes great things come from breaking them. Designers are expected to create unique designs that will hopefully become a game changer in the field.

2) They Compose a Great Microcopy.

Microcopy can make or break a website. These tiny bits of text on products, labels on call-to-action buttons, and placeholder text have a huge impact on users. They help navigate through a website, engage users, and create a fun experience for users. Awesome designers have a great understanding of what a microcopy means, how it works, and composing it.

3) They Value Speed.

Time is essential for designers. They produce quality work quickly and with the utmost consistency. Over time the quality of output improves as well as the speed to create it. An awesome designer has the ability to quickly come up with the best design solution.

Speed also relates to the user’s experience on a website. A slow-loading website is every user’s nightmare and designers know that. Hence, creating an efficient and stable website is a must!

4) They Listen Better Than Your Partners.

Awesome designers are awesome listeners. Being commissioned to create something comes with a great skill–listening. Awesome designers have keen eyes and ears to be able to create the design their clients want and need. Design problems aren’t solved in a blink of an eye. It requires heavy listening and observation. Listening to feedback and suggestions will lead to better working experience.

5) They Declutter Like a Pro.

Creatives have a cluttered mind but they organise like there’s no tomorrow. Awesome designers know how to eliminate unnecessary elements. As much as possible, they try to avoid fluff pieces and retain those that serve a purpose. Making sure to avoid visual noise–too much text, heavy-load images, and busy headlines. The goal is to highlight the necessary element.

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