What is a Bounce Rate?

What is a Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is a word you may often hear or read if you are managing a website. It may sound too technical but it’s definitely not something terrifying. Read on as we lay down in this post a basic definition of bounce rate and how it affects your website. 

What is a Bounce Rate?

According to Google Analytics, a bounce is a single-page session on your site. It is when a user visits your website without interacting with any of the content and each session last 0 seconds. Just come and go, like a ball bouncing away. Meanwhile, a bounce rate is the percentage of people who landed on your website and not browsing any further.  When this occurs frequently, that means you have a high bounce rate. If people are not spending more time on your website, then it’s highly unlikely that they will make a purchase.

The Importance of Measuring Bounce Rate

Keeping track on your bounce rate is significant if you have a website. You can use it to define the quality of your website and the behavior of the audience that visits your website. Knowing that users visit your website without visiting any other page will help you improve your website’s content. However, it doesn’t always mean that your website is boring. It could be that visitors don’t match the purpose of the page or visitors have found the necessary information that they were looking for.

How to measure bounce rate?

You can use an analytic suite to track your website’s traffic such as bounce rate. Google Analytics is widely known among website owners. Analytics will give you a visualization of the average bounce rate through benchmarking.

Finding ways of making sure that your website marketing efforts are paying off. Now that you have an idea on what a bounce rate is, you can use it to further improve the content of your website as well as design a strategy that will keep visitors entertained and engaged. Still got question, drop us a comment below or book a discovery call and we’ll be more than glad to help you in making your website more effective.


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