What Can a Professional Web Designer Do That You Can’t?

What Professional Web Designers Do

Doing online business is great. It’s fun and exciting, especially if you’re just starting. Not everyone can afford to pay for professional web design because they are on a shoestring budget. So yes, they save money by attempting to do it without any help, but in the process, sell themselves short and don’t end up with the desired result intended for their target audience. This actually defeats the purpose of coming up with an amazing web design. 

So what can a professional web designer do that you can’t?

How do you balance the need to save money but in the process not lose your efficiency? Read on to find out.

On Using Drag and Drop Software

For those who have little to zero technical inclination, using a drag and drop software with the help of WIX, Weebly or Squarespace might sound like a pretty good idea. Afterall, their ads can effectively lure their audience into thinking they can have their own website set up in a day and everything else will be a breeze afterwards. Well, not really. You might find yourselves scratching your head once you decide to change something outside their restrictive templates. Worse, you realise the end product is not really what you had in mind- something different. Something unique. Something a professional web designer could really come up with. 

Something Is New Every Single Day.. Can You Keep Up?

The internet today is constantly evolving. Updates are made on a regular basis, new algorithms and innovations come to play. If you can’t commit 100% of your time to monitoring and managing this, you’re going to have a big problem. Furthermore, aesthetics is not the only important issue. Your website can be super attractive and yet ranks poorly with the major search engines. Furthermore, you need an outsider’s point of view to make an unbiased opinion. What looks good to you may not necessarily work for your visitors or target audience.

Contrary to popular belief, you really need years of experience before you can come up with the perfect design to match your brand. Why? Because the perfect design will affect how people feel, act, relate to your business, believe in what you are selling, whether it’s a tangible product or service. By the way it looks, the way it feels, should they buy? Will they be happy, or regret their decision afterwards?  

True, everybody makes mistakes. But in this case, one mistake is simply one too many. First impressions last so if people don’t like you on the first take, you may find it difficult to recover afterwards. So it’s just better to hire a pro who’s sure to do it right on the very first try. 

Not an SEO Pro? Then Don’t Do It, Bro!

Professional web designers are trained to build SEO compliant sites. These sites are crawled faster and are found easier by search engines. If you know that navigation and technology are not among your strong points- don’t do it. Search Engine Optimisation is critically important for your website. This is something you should leave to the professionals. 

The Luxury of Time

These days, time is a luxury not everyone is gifted with. Despite the help of tools, building everything from scratch on your own can take forever. And “forever” to learn and to tweak costs a lot more money than just hiring someone to do all the resizing and image editing that you need. Plus, somebody needs to manage your website’s ongoing changes that will happen in the next several months. You can’t expect to do that by yourself if you’re busy marketing and managing your business.

Dealing With Your Competitors

In this cutthroat world of business and digital marketing, you need to be ten steps ahead of the competition. If your website design is not superior in quality, people will basically move on and look for others that do. It’s sad but true. It may burn a hole in your pocket at first, but you’ll realise it’s a great investment in the long run. Besides, you’re here for the win, so you might as well get somebody who specialises in this kind of thing. 

Let’s Get It On!

So you’re finally convinced you need some help and hire a pro to do the website designing for you. What are the main things that should be included in your criteria for picking the best website designer/company to suit your needs?

First of all, they should be eager to get to know you, your business, your target audience and your marketing goals whether short, midterm, or longterm goals. Getting to know you is the only way they can design the perfect website that will reflect your brand of business.  

Check out the designs of the websites they have created in the past and see if it suits your taste. Is there a certain pattern to all their designs, or are they flexible enough to adjust to their customer’s demands?

Ask if they have a Website Planning Guide you can work through together. You need this structured and systematic planning process that can take you through all the design phases. Furthermore, they should be ready and willing to document all the discussions and decisions you will come up with together.  


Designing a website for your business can be a daunting task. But with the help of the right people and arming yourself with the correct information, anything is possible. Just trust your gut when it says: LEAVE IT TO THE PROS

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