The Importance of a Website for Your Business


All too often businesses are quick to discount the importance of a website. They fail to see the value that a well designed and planned out website can bring to their business and the impact it can have on their customers and ultimately, their success. A staggering X% of customers begin their search online now days before even taking a step outside their homes. Consumers are expecting to find businesses online through their websites and are highly influenced by what they find.

A website helps validate the businesses existence and helps your potential customers decide if they wish to do business with you or not.

There is only one thing worse than not having a website for your business. That is having a website that creates a negative impression and actively drives your potential customers away! Unfortunately, this is all too common because businesses fail to see the importance and value of their website in the eye of their customers. The hard facts are that if your customers are put off by your website, you are just costing your business in loss of revenue because you are driving all your potential customers right into the welcoming arms of your competitors and nobody wants that.

The most important thing to understand is that your website shouldn’t be created for your business needs. It needs to be created for your target audience wants. Unless you are a massive brand or influencer that provides your customers with status through name alone, your customers don’t really care about you. Sad but true. Your customers are solely focused on themselves and thinking “What’s in it for me?”.

Your website needs to clearly outline the problems it solves for your customers and the benefits they will receive from doing business with you. If a customer can’t identify with your business and cant see that you provide the solution that they are looking for quickly, they will leave your website and keep on searching for the solution they are looking for.

Businesses also need to ensure that their websites are optimised for mobile devices. If your website isn’t mobile responsive or if it is slow to load or difficult to navigate on mobiles, you are still driving your potential customers away.

At Impulse Impressions, we don’t offer cookie cutter websites or packages for businesses. We could, but there are plenty of other providers out their that will do that and then leave businesses wondering why their websites aren’t getting any traffic or why they aren’t generating any new customers.

We choose to educate and work with businesses who understand the true value of a website and understand that it is a marketing asset that deserves investment in. As part of our services, we dive deep ino your business to understand your target market, their challenges and how your business solves them. We work to create a website that not only looks good and gives a great first impression, by also actively converts your customers into potential leads to follow up.

If you are serious about your business and understand the true value of what your website can bring to your business and if you are interested in finding out more on how we can help you, we encourage you to complete our Website Worksheet. This worksheet helps give us a bit of a background on your business so that our first chat together is more productive.

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