What is Facebook Advertising?

By Impulse Impressions / May 15, 2019

As businesses venture into online marketing, social media platforms have adjusted their services to accommodate businesses. Facebook, for one, has embraced online advertising, which they call Facebook Ads. Facebook’s advertising is so specific that one can target audience according to age, gender, and interest.  Here are things you need to … Read moreWhat is Facebook Advertising?

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What is a Bounce Rate?

What is a Bounce Rate?

By Impulse Impressions / May 13, 2019

Bounce rate is a word you may often hear or read if you are managing a website. It may sound too technical but it’s definitely not something terrifying. Read on as we lay down in this post a basic definition of bounce rate and how it affects your website.  What … Read moreWhat is a Bounce Rate?

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6 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Important for Businesses

By Impulse Impressions / October 18, 2017

In a world where everything has become easy to access any information about any topic because of technology, business marketing has taken on a whole new angle for  how they do their advertising. Considering that globalisation and the internet has made the world feel like a village, certain things needed … Read more6 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Important for Businesses

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3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Online Marketing

By Impulse Impressions / October 5, 2017

Online and Inbound Marketing has the potential to build a business up to greater heights, but without a plan in place it can be difficult to know where to start and what the best way is to get your message out to your target market. There are 3 very easy … Read more3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Online Marketing

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Small Business Digital Grants Program Now Open!

By Impulse Impressions / September 27, 2017

  Now is your chance to take control over your online business presence and invest in a new website design, develop a digital marketing plan and more for only 50% of the full cost! The Queensland Government has announced that the Small Businesses Digital Grants Program is now open. This … Read moreSmall Business Digital Grants Program Now Open!

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SEO Specialist Training Completed

By Impulse Impressions / September 2, 2017

SEO Specialist Qualification? Check! I am a big believer that we never stop learning and to strive to learn one new thing a day. I take that principle very seriously when it comes to running Impulse Impressions and ensuring that I can offer the best service to my clients as … Read moreSEO Specialist Training Completed

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