graphic designer vs. web designer

Graphic Designer vs. Web Designer

By Impulse Impressions / July 29, 2019

Web design and graphic design may sometimes overlap on aspects regarding roles. The original nature of their roles are different and they both have a significant purpose. Each are visual communicators and their job is to communicate ideas through the use of layout, images, and type. If you are confused … Read moreGraphic Designer vs. Web Designer

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9 Types of Websites: Which One is For You?

By Impulse Impressions / July 26, 2019

As technology rises, many businesses and individuals have access to, and have developed, websites throughout the years. According to Internet Live Stats, there are over 1.7 billion websites online today. This number is continually rising, most especially due to it  becoming easier to create a website these days. Many website … Read more9 Types of Websites: Which One is For You?

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What is a Bounce Rate?

What is a Bounce Rate?

By Impulse Impressions / May 13, 2019

Bounce rate is a word you may often hear or read if you are managing a website. It may sound too technical but it’s definitely not something terrifying. Read on as we lay down in this post a basic definition of bounce rate and how it affects your website.  What … Read moreWhat is a Bounce Rate?

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Benefits of a website audit by Impulse Impressions for your business

Benefit of a Website Audit For Your Business

By Impulse Impressions / April 26, 2018

“I have a website, but it’s not doing anything for my business.” Sounds familiar? Many entrepreneurs do not know how to develop their sites so that they can get a good return on their investment. To do this, businesses need to make sure that their websites are optimised to rank … Read moreBenefit of a Website Audit For Your Business

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