hosted vs self-hosted websites

The Difference Between Hosted and Self-Hosted Websites

By Impulse Impressions / August 5, 2019

To have a website, one must avail a web hosting service. It provides the technologies and services that are required to have a website accessible over the internet. Hosting companies use special computers to store your website’s data. You need a space to rent out for your website to show … Read moreThe Difference Between Hosted and Self-Hosted Websites

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graphic designer vs. web designer

Graphic Designer vs. Web Designer

By Impulse Impressions / July 29, 2019

Web design and graphic design may sometimes overlap on aspects regarding roles. The original nature of their roles are different and they both have a significant purpose. Each are visual communicators and their job is to communicate ideas through the use of layout, images, and type. If you are confused … Read moreGraphic Designer vs. Web Designer

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SEO fatcs vs fiction

SEO: Facts Vs. Fiction

By Impulse Impressions / July 22, 2019

We’ve recently attended a WordCamp and it was awesome! It blew me away how speakers were willing to fly in for this event to share their best practices and to establish standards. Each of the speakers delivered high-quality talks. We learned a lot from our fellow WordPress professionals and we … Read moreSEO: Facts Vs. Fiction

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What is Facebook Advertising?

By Impulse Impressions / May 15, 2019

As businesses venture into online marketing, social media platforms have adjusted their services to accommodate businesses. Facebook, for one, has embraced online advertising, which they call Facebook Ads. Facebook’s advertising is so specific that one can target audience according to age, gender, and interest.  Here are things you need to … Read moreWhat is Facebook Advertising?

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7 Kinds of Photos Every Designer Needs for a Powerful Lead-Generating Website

7 Kinds of Photos Every Web Designer Needs for a Powerful Lead-Generating Website

By Impulse Impressions / May 7, 2019

Web designers create the framework of your website. They’re the carpenters that build framework. However, when it comes to the kinds of roof shingles or sidings you want, it’s the client’s choice — but designers can make recommendations too. A good structure isn’t enough for a top-performing, lead-generating website. Images … Read more7 Kinds of Photos Every Web Designer Needs for a Powerful Lead-Generating Website

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7 Common Blogging Mistakes

7 Common Blogging Mistakes (and how to fix them!)

By Impulse Impressions / September 27, 2018

Blogging isn’t exactly as easy as it seems. Not getting the turnout you expected? Well, maybe you’ve fallen victim to one of these seven common blogging mistakes. If you find yourself in this precarious position, don’t worry. We’ve also provided you with their simple solutions, so you can get the … Read more7 Common Blogging Mistakes (and how to fix them!)

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