Business Basics Website Packages

Every business needs a professional website that creates a lasting impression on their target audience.

We understand that sometimes not every business has a massive budget allocated to invest in getting their website created or redeveloped. With that in mind, we have created a perfect website starter package for businesses called "Business Basics".

Our Business Basics website package gives you a fully functioning, mobile friendly website that is packed full of features and benefits for you to take advantage of, at the fraction of the cost you an expect from other website agencies.

Your brand new website will be designed to complement your business branding, be 100% mobile responsive and friendly, Social media savvy, SEO friendly and track your website visitor stats.

Continuous Cleaning

Business Basics


  • A mobile friendly, responsive website design
  • Fonts & colours updated to your business branding
  • Blogging Functionality#
  • Social Media sharing capabilities & integration
  • Electronic Contact Forms
  • On-page Search Engine Optimisation
  • Email opt-in features & integration#
  • Ability to add & edit your own content
  • Huge video training library included for free
  • 100% owned by you!

Showcase your business with a professionally designed website that matches your business branding and goals

Ensure your target market can discover your website on any sized device including computers, iPads or phones

Make it easy for your customers to find out more about your business and help reduce the same questions being asked over and over again by different customers

Have full control and easily update your website in the future with the help of a huge library of quick training videos covering all areas of your new WordPress website

Frequently Asked Questions

The Business Basics website package includes :

  • Up to 10 website pages/blog posts
  • A responsive design using your business branding and personality
  • Blogging functionality (optional)
  • Social media integration and sharing capabilities
  • Electronic contact forms with spam protection
  • On-page search engine optimisation
  • Email opt-in features and integration (optional)
  • Easy to use Content Management System (WordPress) with the ability to add and edit your own content, pages and blog posts
  • A large video training library accessible right from your website admin console
  • Two (2) website design revision rounds

The Business Basics website package does not include the purchase of your domain name, hosting or SSL certificate.

However, Impulse Impressions Website Care Plans include your website hosting, domain registration, SSL certificate as part of the monthly cost with the added benefit of:

  • Updates to your websites plugins and software
  • Licencing to the premium plugins your website utilises
  • Security monitoring software
  • Monthly reporting including visitor statistics and what work has been undertaken on your website
  • Monthly content update support time allocation#
  • and much more


# Content updates are only available on the Improve and Grow care plans

Your website will be built using a easy to use page builder that will allow you to simply click on any element you wish to change and a drag and drop interface for any new content you wish to add.

Your Business Basics website package comes with a video tutorial library that covers the vast majority of functions you will want to undertake on your website.

There is also a 30 day bug support period after your website is launched live where Impulse Impressions will fix any technical issues that aren't working as expected if needed.

Should you require any additional support or looking for someone to help manage your website for you, Impulse Impressions can assist you with one of our monthly Website Care Plans.

While the website built as part of the Business Basics website has the ability to become an eCommerce website, it is not part of the Business Basics website package.

Impulse Impressions would be happy to assist you in creating an eCommerce online store website for you so please contact us with your project idea.

Your Business Basics Website still retains the full ability to be extended upon in the future and grow with your business needs.

When you are ready to expand your websites functionality, Impulse Impressions will be happy to assist you. Simply contact us with your project idea and we will set up a meeting to discuss it further.

Depending on the complexity of your website needs and how quickly you are able to supply us with the written and photographic content, your website could take anywhere from days to weeks to be ready to go live.

The sooner you are able to supply us with the information we request, the quicker we can work towards completing your website design.

Impulse Impressions can assist you with writing your website copy-write for an additional fee. Please contact us for a quote.

Impulse Impressions have worked with many businesses and have a clear idea of what content is required for most businesses.

We have a system set in place called Content Snare that outlines exactly what information is required for each page of the website. You simply access the dashboard and fill in the required fields at a time that suits you. You can choose to supply it all at once or in smaller chunks as the software will save any changes you make.

This is a quick video on how to use Content Snare.

Unfortunately there is no guaranteed time frame as to when your website will show up in search engines such as Google.

Impulse Impressions does all it can to notify Google that your website exists at time of launch including:

  • Submitting your URL to Google & Bing's site index
  • Setting up Google Analytics on your website
  • Setting up Google Webmaster for your
  • Adding additional update servers that ping your site for any new content

There is no digital marketing included as part of the Business Basics website.

Impulse Impressions can help you with your digital marketing needs. Please contact us to find out more.

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As part of the Business Basics website package, you are given three (3) design revision opportunities.

Two of your revisions are during the Design phase. This is the stage where you are invited to say what you like/don't like, any changes to colours used, layouts etc. After the first round of changes have been made, you will be invited to make your second round of revisions if there is anything additional you wish changed.

Further revisions may be available subject to additional revision fees.

You will be asked to sign off a Design Approval once the design has been finalised and your feedback has been implemented.

The third revision is requested at the end of the Development phase. This revision is not regarding to the website design but focuses on the wording/spelling of written content and the usage of photos.