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ClickMinded SEO TrainingSEO Specialist Qualification? Check! I am a big believer that we never stop learning and to strive to learn one new thing a day. I take that principle very seriously when it comes to running Impulse Impressions and ensuring that I can offer the best service to my clients as possible. Working within the online and technology industry means that things can change very rapidly and its imperative that as a digital solutions specialist, that I stay on top of the changes and improve my knowledge and experience along the way.

While I have been working with SEO for a number of years, with the amount of changes that happen to search engines algorithms (did you know that Google makes changes to theirs at least daily?!), I wanted to take a bit of a refresher course to make sure that I am still following the best and most currently SEO principles. I recently completed the ClickMinded SEO Specialist Qualification and received my certification. The course covered:

  • Keyword Research
  • Document Relevancy
  • Link Building & Authority
  • Technical Optimisation
  • Enterprise Link Building
  • Local SEO and more


I am looking forward to putting some of the newer principles I have learnt through this SEO Specialist course into play. Search Engine Optimisation is an important and vital component of any businesses website. Interested in finding out how it can help your business grow? Contact Impulse Impressions today to find out more.

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Amy King

Amy King is the owner of Impulse Impressions. Amy is a website developer and business consultant that is dedicated in providing female entrepreneurs and business owners online solutions to their website and digital marketing needs.