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Here’s the typical consumer journey: first, they’ll search for you online using their smartphones. Next, they’ll read some of your pages to know your products and services. Lastly, if they find good reviews of you from individuals in the same locality, they’ll highly likely look for your phone number or email and give you a call.

Notice we included the words “pages” and “reviews.” These refer to website pages and reviews, which requires you to have a website.

In the past, businesses relied on telephones, radio, and print advertisements. However, as more people spend more time using the Internet, having a website has become imperative for any brand, big or small, wanting to improve their leads and their revenues.

Why Is Your Website Fundamental in Any Online Campaign?

All digital marketers will say businesses need a website. Most will settle having only a social media or multiple social media accounts. However, social media isn’t a place to share entire case studies to the crowd. Websites can host your product or service case studies, announcements, insights, and more.

Here are other perks your website gives your business.

24/7 Accessible

You won’t need to have 24/7 employees answer inquiries round the clock. Your website is always uploaded and ready to load once audiences find them through search engines. In doing so, you can expect calls, emails, or messages from customers at any time. In fact, they won’t complain about receiving your responses late because they messaged off-work hours.

Digital Visibility

Social media accounts are only a partial representative of your brand’s digital persona. It is merely a communication, announcement, and somewhat a customer service and analytics tool that helps your campaigns.

Websites offer true digital visibility with site colours and designs that properly represent your brand’s sophistication and personality. With your unique visibility, you offer visitors a unique and memorable experience upon visiting your website.

Improve Brand Perception and Authority

Your website aesthetics can represent your brand accurately. In addition, you have content that highlights the features and solutions your product offers to prospective customers.  Content shows them your brand understands their audience’s needs, has a formidable solution, and it is within their means to purchase it. 

With an improved brand perception and authority, audiences will feel the urge to try your products or services, and this is only possible through a website.

Business-Consumer Communication Channel

Your social media accounts work as business and consumer communication channels. Most customers will voice out their complaints, sentiments through responses and engagements, and the helpfulness of your updates through social media.

However, a website is a communication channel that allows you to post full product or service updates in detail. From social media, you can funnel customers straight to your announcement page to share ideas. In  fact, social networks are likely to ban lengthy updates, which makes having a website imperative for excellent and helpful communication.

Methods to Leverage Your Website for Marketing

Use Content To Establish Your Authority

Content is king in online marketing. With persuasive data and third-party studies that position your product or service as reliable, you urge prospects to test your solution.

However, it doesn’t end with just having conversions. You can use newsletters that link straight to website blog posts and articles showing how owners can improve the usage and capabilities of their products or services. 

In turn, you establish further brand authority and reliability thanks to your website.

A Resource for Small Pain Points

Many customers are looking for quick and free solutions, and if you can provide this solution, they’re most likely to consider doing business as the logical step to resolving their problems.

For example, in exchange for their contact email, you can provide web visitors a free e-book that can help them solve these minor pain points. Another instance: an air-conditioning repair company offers free estimates in exchange of emails.

Audiences love free stuff, and exchanging their emails knowing they can opt out of your newsletter or future communication is definitely never out of the question.

Upgrade Social Media Campaigns

As we mentioned, social media is just one communication channel. Your website is another. However, between the two, your website houses more content and authority than its social media channel. 

On the other hand, the two can work together as a single unit. To avoid lengthy updates that block out entire newsfeeds, you can use your website to write your lengthy update in a single, undisruptive channel. Then, link your audiences to your new blog update that concerns your brand and its products and services.

Nurture Both Prospecting and Interested Audiences

Social media updates appeal to both prospecting and interested audiences. Your target audience greatly prospects using your offers to resolve their issues. On the other hand, interested audiences are just trying to get to know your offers and your brand just in case they may encounter a future need for it. 

With a website, you can nurture both prospective and interested audience. Through your blog updates and newsletters, you can send content that addresses the prospects’ pain points and the interested audiences’ need for more information.

Focus On Your Local Target Audience

Most people will look for brands that they won’t need to drive too far or wait too long to receive. Most websites yield excellent results when they focus their strategies and technical optimisations towards their local target audience.

For example, a New South Wales auto repair company is most likely to receive customer inquiries and visits from NSW prospects than Sydney or Brisbane. Therefore, focusing on resolving the common issues of NSW car owners will help their website gain more visits through search engines or social media.

Your Website Is Your Online Home — Make It Shine!

A business’ website is its online beacon. Think of it as your office made by ones and zeroes. You want to do business and improve your audience’s perception of your brand. By understanding its crucial role in online campaigns and ways you can improve it, you can take your campaigns to the next level and generate excellent leads and ROI.

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