What is Google Analytics?

What is Google Analytics

Google Analytics is basically a free web analytics offered by Google. It gives you a platform and the tools to track website traffic, as well as gives insights and reports. If you have a website and it’s the main channel between you and your audience, then you should have Google Analytics. Currently, it is the most popular web analytics available. The service is available to anyone with a Google account.

What Features Are Available?

Google Analytics does not only show you the traffic you get but also analyzes how people use your website. Once you connect your website to your account, Google Analytics will start collecting data about the users that visit your website. The collected data will then be processed into a comprehensive report which will be available to the user. The data will help with your social media metrics, gauge the effectiveness of your digital media marketing strategy, track where users go after leaving your website, and uses a tool that determines the conversion rates.

Why Do You Need To Use Google Analytics?

In order to have effective marketing, understanding the Customer Value Journey is important. Acquisition, Behavior, and Conversion make up the marketing’s core funnel, hence tracking and measuring metrics is vital. Google Analytics helps business owners collect all the data necessary for you. With Google Analytics you can track the ROI of your social media campaigns and for your online marketing. When you have campaigns, Google Analytics will help you track any product campaign on any website.

You can find out which of your online marketing campaigns are successful in terms of bringing traffic and conversions. Google Analytics is not only useful in gauging the top performing campaigns and pages but will also evaluate and identify the poorly-performing pages. For e-commerce websites, through the insights, you’ll be able to determine where users abandon the shopping cart. Being able to pinpoint the problem and fix it can lead to more sales in the long run.

Google Analytics is a helpful tool for any business’ website to start measuring performance. It’s time for business owners to start using Google Analytics to improve marketing plans.

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