What is Facebook Pixel and Why Should You Use it

What Is Facebook Pixel

If you don’t know what Facebook Pixel is, it’s high time to know more about it especially if you are using Facebook Ads or plan on using them. It will certainly aid you in getting the most out of your marketing strategy. Facebook Pixel is a code itself that you can embed to every page of your website. It will collect data and help track the conversion rate from your Facebook Ads and improves audience targeted for future ads. How it works is it will place and trigger cookies to track users as they engage with your website and ads.

Why Should You Use Facebook Pixel

Almost all users are on Facebook now and you can use that to your advantage especially that Facebook has become business-friendly. Here are a few but important points:

1.Facebook Pixel allows you to see how people interact with your website after viewing your ad on Facebook.

Another way to keep track of our conversion. It will help you refine your marketing strategy and calculate your ROI.

2. Optimize Facebook ads for conversions

It will be easy to customize your optimization when you have Facebook Pixel. You can use the tracking pixel data to optimize your Facebook Ads for specific conversion. You can customize and optimize it to align with your business goals.

3. Use Facebook retargeting

Since it is used to track users that interact with your ads, you can also use it to retarget the same users. One clear example is by showing people the exact product that they abandoned in a cart or the recent products they viewed on your store.

4. Optimize Facebook ads for value

It will also keep track of those who buy from your online store as well as how much they spend. So you can target ads to users that are most likely to make high-value purchases.

5. Gain access to more Facebook ad tools and metrics

When you install Facebook Pixel, you can use web conversion campaigns, custom audiences from your website, and dynamic ads. You can also track metrics such as cost per lead or conversion.

If you are a business that is looking to get more leads and conversion, it is wise to get into Facebook Pixel. Install it now even if you don’t have Facebook Ads yet as it will start collecting data right away.

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