The Disadvantages of Self-hosting a Website

self-hosting a website

You may have heard web developers and hosting platforms talk about how much of a risk it is to host your website. Their input may be a bit biased, but it holds. Although it is a big step to take, there could be disadvantages of self-hosting. It may be nice to own and control your server, host whatever you want, monitor your web traffic, and detect possible intrusions, but the red flags are real.

Here are some of the major disadvantages of self-hosting your website.

Some opt for self-hosting to save a couple of bucks on the service fee, but little did they know that it will cost them more. If you plan on doing it yourself, you have to invest in hardware, software, staff, and time and effort. The prices of many web hosting services have gone down in the past couple of years which means you get your website hosted without having to shell out so much money and effort. Setting up your server all by yourself can be a hassle, meanwhile, web hosting services already have them and they will monitor the server for you.

website security

There’s a possibility your website may crash and suffer down servers due to the lack of generator backups. You’ll spend more time figuring out many aspects of web hosting than actually getting your website to run. If you are your only support and tech personnel, it may take time to get your website back up. The security of your website could be at risk, if you don’t have the proper tools in keeping your website safe. Your website could be susceptible to hacking. Self-hosting will add to your tasks at hand. It will take your attention away from your ultimate goal — running your website. If you have a hard time multitasking, self-hosting is certainly not the best choice for you.

Of course, the decision is still in your hands. Keep this information in mind before jumping to a decision. Furthermore, here’s our post about the difference of hosted and self-hosted websites. Make sure you have done proper research and are ready for the challenges you may encounter.

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