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Regular high quality, unique website content is the best way to win your customers (and search engines) heart

Ensuring that you have high quality, unique content on your website is the best way to capture the attention of your customers and search engines such as Google. Unfortunately too many times businesses let this vital component fall to the wayside and their website becomes stale and out of date. Search Engines reward websites that focus on providing fresh, original content on a regular basis. Make sure your not lost in the pack with help from Impulse Impressions.

Impulse Impressions works with clients to develop a comprehensive content creation plan that is easy to follow and implement. Not keen on writing the content yourself? We can help with that too. We aim to lessen our clients workload and stress by helping create and share valuable information relating to their business and industry through blog posts, feature articles, product descriptions, social media content, newsletters, emails and more.


Stage 1 - Plan

We work with businesses to discover their core values and content silos. We work together to develop a content management plan that works best of their business needs.

Stage 2 - Create

Your new Content Management Plan provides your business a blueprint to follow to allow you to create new and unique information for your website on a regular basis.

Stage 3 - Promote

Any new content should be shared among your social networks. This would include solutions such as Facebook, Twitter and Email Marketing such as a monthly newsletter.

Stage 4 - Review

Google Analytics is a great way to review how well your new content is behaving. Your older content could be given a facelift to perform better or keywords tweaked to improve visibility.

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