Benefits of Using Videos On Your Website

Benefits of Using Vides on Your Website

If you’ve logged into social media or visited a modern landing page, you’ll find videos strewn all over. True enough, you’re tempted to click. Before you know it, you’ve already watched the entire video because it was informative and flowed nicely.

Unknowingly, you’ve received value from a brand you barely knew a few minutes ago — and now you want more content from them. This is just one demonstration of video’s power when you use it on yourwebsite and all your digital campaigns. Here are the rest that will surely encourage you to create and publish your own videos on your website.

Your Much-Needed Conversions Booster

Videos gain fame and popular usage because it can bring in exceptional results in a short span of time. Insivia’s studies show that landing pages with videos can increase its conversion potential by 80%. One reason for this is video’s capability to transition from informative content towards a sales funnel. 

An explainer video is informative and gives audiences all the facts without being overwhelming. The pleasant experience combined with fact-based brand offer claims encourages customers to make an informed decision and make a sale.

Builds Brand Trust and Authority

Trust is the foundation of all loyalty and advocacy in the part of audiences. These valuable customers will generate more sales and a huge value for your brand. While videos aren’t an end-all solution to building trust, they have an undeniably huge contribution.

People do research on brands and products online to have an informed decision on what they’re purchasing. Data is the most honest information consumers can receive. By presenting it to them in a non-overwhelming manner, they become receptive of your brand’s offers and will come to you to give your product a shot.

And if they become happy with your offer’s results, they’ll definitely remain loyal and an advocate of your brand.

Get Lower Bounce Rates

Videos last for more than a minute on your landing pages. While social media has different rules when it comes to video (particularly being shorter than website-embedded counterparts), landing page videos improve your SEO by lowering your bounce rates.

True enough, a well-designed and executed landing page will attract plenty of customers at any time. However, landing pages rely on short text, image-led content, and bullet points to make it scannable and convenient for audiences to access.

On the other hand, videos remain informative and engaging at the same time. Thanks to our brains wired for multiple visual cues and immediate processing, videos remain an engaging and exciting way to keep customers informed. In doing so, you maintain website retention, which translates to great SEO.

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