How To Attract Readers And Win Customers

How To Attract Readers and Win Customers

Good job! You’ve finally gotten your website live and ready for the world to see. However, are you in that weird spot where you have good content but no one is biting down on your offers?  Don’t fret; you’re not doing anything wrong! You just need to focus on the areas that make readers WANT your products, and service. Let’s get right on how to attract readers and win customers!

Know What Your Customer Is Looking For

There is a good chance your reader used a search engine to land on your website. If you think about it, we ask search engines about our nearest choices when it comes to almost anything. Therefore, you need to present your product or service as a solution to your target customers’ problems and go the extra mile if you can.

According to Cashvertising, a phenomenal book by advertising guru Drew Eric Whitman, people tend to pay attention when you talk about the following:

  • Life Extension
  • Food
  • Freedom from Suffering or Fear
  • Fulfilling Sexual needs
  • Improving One’s Living Conditions
  • Social Superiority
  • Health Services and Preventative Solutions
  • Social Approval

By aligning your offers and using your content as a bridge towards one of these eight, readers are most likely to be attracted to read your content and consider your offer.

Understand Your Target Customers’ Demographics

Even a great piece of content won’t attract readers if it’s not targeted to the right person. To make sure your content targets the right set of readers, you must take note of every demographic possible. These include the following:

  • Age
  • Marital Status
  • Profession
  • Interests
  • Gender
  • Income Capability (if possible)

These areas help you determine your content’s theme, writing style, formatting, images, and almost everything else. In doing so, you’re one step towards attracting readers and making them your returning and paying customers.

Simplify Your Data and Numbers

Content in the Internet is becomes more convincing if it has tangible and measurable evidence backing it up. Unfortunately, nobody wants to read a wall of text and numbers. If someone presented a research abstract, you’d definitely just read the title, and that’s it!

To show evidence without appearing overwhelming, you can use a more visual content. Create infographics or explainer videos that help give an easy and relaxed flow while adding knowledge to your readers. Blogs with a personal writing voice, short sentences, simple jargon, and helpful images help too.

Free Stuff: An Offer No One Can Refuse

Let’s be clear in this section: you’re not giving away your product or service free of charge. However, you’re giving supplementary content that aims to resolve the target reader’s problem without presenting the product.

For example, you’re selling an innovative cleaning mop you invented. Instead of presenting it as an immediate solution, you offer an ebook in exchange for your customers’ email. In your ebook, you can present different cleaning solutions and also suggest how your innovative cleaning mop can make their lives easier.

Customers are often open to suggestions after receiving even the smallest of free items, and taking the opportunity to suggest your product always helps.

Reviews, Testimonials, and Customer Stories

Lastly, customers will always trust the words of other customers. One great example of testimonials is Airbnb’s customer stories. These stories are emotionally-provoking and thoughtful, which encourages readers to try the app and create their own experiences with it.

Word-of-mouth marketing comes in the form of valuable reviews that illustrate one’s firsthand experience with your brand. Once your brand gains further recognition, you will receive testimonials from your most loyal customers and advocates.

Be A Brand They Can Be Loyal To

Attracting your readers only requires a simple blueprint. However, you’ll need to put your back in each step to guarantee your success. By positioning your brand as a helpful and efficient solution that provides results each time, you can turn even the most doubtful of readers into your life-long brand advocates.

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