7 Awesome Benefits of Having a Blog

Why Should You Blog

Did you know the Internet boomed in the 90s because people made websites that became their online diaries of adventures and everyday events for complete strangers to read? Without blogs, half of the Internet won’t be quite as successful as they’d be. Nowadays, any person, business, or organisation can start a blog and even earn money from it.

From a business perspective, do you think you need a blog? The professional answer is: yes, you badly do. Blogs are a window for audiences to see the company’s personality, dedication, knowledge, and everything that makes your company amazing.

Here are 7 awesome benefits of having a blog:


1) Content: The Heart of Marketing

You use search engines, social media, and sometimes scour through email because you’re looking for one thing: content. These come in the form of image, video, audio, and written text. Without it, you’re only looking at the framework of an excellent web design — which is equivalent to staring at a skeleton without any human features.
Imagine: your website landing page and service pages are your flesh and blood. Then, blogging is the way you speak, look at people, conduct yourself, and interact with other people. In this light, blogging is content, which is the heart of everything you do from attracting readers to creating in-depth email campaigns.

2) Gives an Impressive Brand Personality to Your Readers

We mentioned that blogging is an extension of human personality. Even if you may not know it, your business has its own personality just like Apple or Google. Apple is similar to a sophisticated individual while Google is a smart and casual individual.

Only you can determine your business personality, and your blog will tell readers all about it. The way you write, teach, convey your thoughts, or express your opinion through the blog creates an impression of personality that readers will remember and love.Establish Your Niche Authority

Remember, your blog is not a personal one. Rather, whichever you or your team publishes on your blog section will represent the company. Therefore, topics you discuss play a role not just in evoking personality, but establishing your knowledge and experience in your own niche.
If you can articulate your thoughts and offer new insight or educational awakenings in your readers, you add value to them. Not only will they remember your statements and teachings, but they will recognize your authority on the subject.

3) Create an Excellent Audience Rapport

Landing pages and service pages talk about how efficient and powerful your product or services are. However, readers can connect to your personality-laden yet educational blog on an emotional level. Imagine a school without teachers. Most students won’t study on their own if a teacher isn’t present despite having all the knowledge in the world. However, a teacher creates an emotional learning experience, which establishes rapport each time.
Audiences who often read your blog will most likely buy or have bought your products or services. Because they can connect with your brand at an emotional level, they trust your insights and professional knowledge.

4) Improve SEO Rankings

Search engine optimization (SEO) does not rely on images, excellent user design, and outstanding loading speed. It uses texts to determine the topics a website discusses while search engine bots take note of these analytic information.
Blogging shows search engine bots that your website is consistently active with updates every week. In addition, high traffic to your blog makes it a considerably reliable resource. This means every blog you publish is a potential search engine top-rank content or has already helped you reach your goals efficiently.

SEO through Magnifying Glass

5) Tell Any Kind of Story

Humans always fall in love, find themselves intrigued, and generally connect to narratives. Just like how every brand has its own personality, each one has its own story. You have started your company to solve a problem plaguing your personal narrative. Then, you started the business as an earning venture and a way to help people with the same problem. That is a narrative in itself.

However, your brand can align itself to real-world cliches and unlikely events. For example, as an HVAC maintenance service, you can write about a former client’s story on how your continuous service through the years helped an asthmatic baby live well and grow into an adult.

6) Attract Qualified Leads

Lastly, people won’t waste a single time on your blog if they weren’t looking for helpful information about your products, services, or your niche. Therefore, you’re creating leads each time you publish a blog. In addition, you can get invited to speak in public conferences or niche conventions because of your blog rapport, which is a great lead and brand development opportunity in one!

7) Make a Blog and Expand Your Bottom Line!

Every single advantage we wrote here shows that blogging is an essential tool in comprehensive content marketing. It’s not an end-all solution, but it plays a huge role especially if you want to improve your lead generation figures and conversions.


Express yourself and help your brand progress in the process. Start a blog today and write about anything you’re knowledgeable in line with your brand niche!

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