6 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Important for Businesses


In a world where everything has become easy to access any information about any topic because of technology, business marketing has taken on a whole new angle for  how they do their advertising. Considering that globalisation and the internet has made the world feel like a village, certain things needed to change as well. Business owners need to understand that due to these two factor, customers actually have a lot of influence on one’s business as they may either destroy a company or build it up.  Knowing why digital marketing is important is a key for any business.

6 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Important for Businesses#1 – Inbound Marketing is more cost effective

As compared to advertising through other traditional channels such as television and radio ads, using different platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter to advertise a product is actually easier and cheaper. While these advertising platforms still come at a cost, it is at a much lower cost and have the potential to reach a much larger audience.

#2 – You have the ability to target your ideal customers

In addition, when it comes to targeting a specific demographic, then digital marketing has actually been able to achieve that at the push of a button. Businesses are able to target any niche market such as a specific gender, location, age or interest of their customers. This ability to target a business’s specific customer niche makes their campaigns more effective in both cost and engagement.

#3 – Increases conversion rates and return on investment (ROI)

Due to being able to target your ideal customer means that the traffic generated through your digital advertising means is more likely to be converted. Businesses are no longer wasting money on advertising to segments that have no interest in their business or the services/products they have on offer. This in turn results in a much better return on investment for your advertising spend.

#4 – Encourages social media engagement

Most individuals nowadays actually prefer to buy products online and look online to ask questions and find answers to different issues, services or products as well. This actually increases interaction on social media. As businesses are able to keep up with their potential clients online, they are able to also engage them in issues that or even en quire about how they could improve a product or offering.

#5 – Provides statistical data

Digital marketing also aids in making the collection of data very easy. Businesses are able to receive feedback about different products provided through reviews and surveys done online and this may help one know how best to improve and reach out to their niche. They are able to also see which target demographics are responding to their advertising more and will be able to re-target to a more specific audience in the future, improving ROI further.

#6 – Digital marketing targets a larger audience

As most individuals have embraced technology, especially by using mobile devices to access information online, businesses have a much larger reach. The are no longer only able to target their local geographical area and a business reach can now be global. When a customer loves a product or service that a business has on offer, they are more likely to “share” it through social media which in itself is free digital marketing and businesses are reaching new markets that would not have heard about them by using offline marketing alternatives like roadside signage.

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