5 Ways to Improve Your Website UX

5 Ways to Improve Your Website UX

A website, once developed, doesn’t mean you are done with it. Like any other investments, you will have to take care of it to make sure everything is working accordingly. Because of the internet, software, plugins, and program updates, your website needs regular updating and maintenance. If your website’s analytics and other statistics are not in your favour, then it is the time to check what the problem is and how to improve things. Nobody will visit an outdated website.

Remember that your website is like your online storefront, having an impressive online presence is key to its success. There are a lot of ways to improve your website to increase online traffic and SEO ranking.

1) Easy Navigation

Do not make your visitors do a scavenger hunt while on your website. Simplify your navigation to guide users to where they should go around your website. List important items on your menu without putting too many. Try to add descriptive labels, that way your users will know what to do. If you’ve got this down, you get less bounce rate.

2) Responsive UI

Technology has come a long way, the things that were only able to be accomplished on computers can now done on our phones. More people are actually using mobile phones for browsing the web. This led websites to become more mobile-friendly. Even Google has backed this change by penalising websites that are not mobile-friendly. Hence, if your website is responsive, then it will rank higher in search engines.

3) Value White Space

According to Computer Hope, white space is is any section of a document that is unused or space around an object. White spaces help separate paragraphs of text, graphics, and other portions of a document, and helps a document look less crowded. White space on a website is essentially good! It helps give emphasis to content you want users to focus on. Contrary to the belief that empty space is wasted space, these white spaces in web design are great breathing room for users eyes. The best example that comes to mind is Apple’s website. In the image below, their design focuses on one thing: the MacBook Air.

White Space on Website
MacBook Air

4) Add Original Images 

Using stock photos tends to cause users to distrust, especially if you are using a photo they have already seen elsewhere. Images help evoke certain emotions to users, especially if you use photos that represent your business or brand. Adding photos that are of your business taken professionally will help create a connection with users.

5) Compelling Call-to-Action

Now that users have browsed enough information on your website, you need to show them a compelling call-to-action. Place it on your website’s homepage, somewhere they’d see it as soon as it loads. 

It’s your job to navigate them to the next customer journey–with the right call-to-action. Use active action words like View Demo, Book Now, Learn More, Join Free, Shop Now, etc. 

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