Get more website traffic

5 Simple ways to get more traffic

5 Simple Ways to Get More Website Traffic

In this article you will learn 5 quick and easy ways to drive more traffic to your website.  Not only are these methods easy for anyone to do, they are highly effective and are guaranteed to bring in more visitors to your website. So make sure your lead funnels are in place to achieve higher conversion rates and sales!

Get more website traffic

The problem many businesses and website owners are facing is that they have a website, but aren’t generating much visitor traffic. There can be many reasons for this but it really is a simple thing to fix and ensure your great content is getting seen.

You might think getting more visitors to your website is a complex and difficult thing to do. However, in this article we will prove that this is not correct!

1. Keep your website fresh by writing new content regularly

It is so important to keep your website content up to date and fresh for many reasons.  The first and most important, is to encourage returning website visitors to check back in to see what new services or offers you have on offer. A really big added bonus to creating new website content is that Google LOVES new website content and the more often you are updating your website pages and adding new blog posts or articles, the more often Google will stop by to take a look. This results in more website pages being indexed and potentially an increase in keyword ranking for your industry!

Writing new content on a regular basis may seem like a daunting task to many businesses. It doesn't need to be a 2000 word article delving into the deep dark depths of your business.  Just a quick 400-500 word blog post on a recent project or product review is a great way to keep your website looking fresh and current.

2. Set up on page search engine optimisation (SEO)

On page search engine optimisation (SEO) is often forgotten about (or simply not known about) for most websites. It plays a crucial role in search engine rankings so really should be very high on your list of website priorities.  You may think SEO is a scary and confusing process but it really doesn't have to be.  Businesses with WordPress websites can install a plugin called "Yoast SEO". By installing Yoast SEO, businesses can easily update the titles and metadata for their pages, posts, products and more which will give search engines a better idea of exactly what information that section of the website is trying to give visitors.

Some other important parts of on page SEO include:

  • Ensuring you have a H1 heading with relevant keywords on your page (only use a H1 heading once per page/post)
  • Using H2 & H3 titles for your posts subsections headings
  • Make important information and keywords bold can also help

3. Get Social! Share your website content on social media

Once you have created some amazing new content for your website - share it with the world! Share your website, blog posts and new products on your social media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus.

Not only will your followers receive your new content to view in their social media news feeds, but Google will also start to recognise the shared social links and follow them back to your website. PLUS your followers may share your link and open you up to new potential customers... Triple bonus!

Share your website on social media

4. Utilise Email Marketing

One really useful tool many websites don't use is email marketing.  Email marketing can easily be undervalued and is often thought of as spamming clients. This is a serious misconception and requires a big change of mindset.  You are NOT spamming your customers.  You are providing them with useful information about your business and the products and services you offer.  There is a big big difference! By sending out a monthly email to your customers or email subscribers, you are keeping them up to date with the happenings of your business. You can also use your emails as ways to drive visitors to your website to check out your new blog posts or any specials or sales you will be holding.

Don't have an email subscription list yet? No problems! You can sign up to a FREE MailChimp account and start collecting emails today. MailChimp has a range of handy tutorials on how to add an email capture form to your website.

A better way to capture emails is via a lead capture funnel. You can encourage visitors to submit their email address to you by offering your visitors a bonus eBook download or information they might find useful.

We are yet to find a business that can't benefit from email marketing. From electrician's email customers when their test & tag checks are due, florists emailing their lists about flowers that are in season or on special, gyms sending out membership specials or changes to class schedules or eCommerce stores sending out monthly product sales emails... the potential for email marketing is endless!

5. Use Paid Advertising such as Facebook or Google Adwords

Google AdWords PPC Advertising

A quick and easy way to drive traffic to a website is by using pay per click (PPC) advertising. There are many options for PPC available to you and it really does depend on your market as to which would be best suited for your business. The biggest and most popular PPC advertising options you may wish to consider is Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising. This option is not free... but with the right management and keywords, can be very successful.

Don't buy for cheap nasty traffic!

The most important thing we can stress is don't ever just buy cheap nasty traffic to come to your website. You are just throwing your money down the drain! Yes your Google Analytics reports might look great, but the traffic is not targeted and the chance of any actual leads or sales coming from it are slim to none.  So just... don't buy web traffic.  If you want to pay for traffic, PPC is much more effective and targeted with a much better return on investment (ROI).

What Next?

If you would much rather focus on doing what you do best and that's running your business, Impulse Impressions is here to help you. We have a range of services that we offer businesses that not only increase their website traffic, but also their leads and conversions as well.  If you would like to discuss your business requirements with Impulse Impressions, please fill out the contact form below.  We would love to hear from you!

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