Your Website is Boring: 4 Signs and How To Get Rid of Them

4 signs your website is boring

Your website is an investment and like every other investment you want a return. If your website is boring, it will not give you the outcome that you desire. In websites, you measure returns through bounce rate, time spent on page, click through rate, and conversion rate. The more you get users to stay on your website longer, the bigger the chance that they will see what you offer. You can check the statistics through any website analytics. Through it, you will have an idea of how engaged your visitors are.

Here are 4 signs that your website is boring.

High Bounce Rates

A bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who land on any page of your website and leave without taking any action. If a website is boring visitors will leave your website before even engaging with any content you have. In order to avoid this, you must create quality content that will pique your target audience’s interest.

Too Much Text

As visitors have already spent so much time staring at a screen, you would want to catch their attention and give their eyes something refreshing to look at. Staring at a 1000 word article with no images in between paragraphs will definitely discourage them from finishing the content. If you describe an image or include a statistic, add the image and a graph or an infographic. That they can visualize what they are reading.

No Content Update

Having a website just doesn’t stop at giving people the link. You must have something to offer on that website that is worth their time so you’ll will grab their attention. Uploading content consistently will give users a reason to visit your website. Remember that people online will consume content they are just idly waiting.

Your Website is Boring if it Takes Forever to Load

People have shorter attention span nowadays and patience is not a strong suit online. When people are on the internet they expect things to be instant. If they see a video buffering and a website loading for ages they will get frustrated and exit.

Use this list to cross check the analytics on your website. Determine if you have a boring website, so you’ll be able to come up with a resolution. Remember that consistent monitoring of your website’s traffic will give you insights on what its strengths are and what needs improving. Convert visitors into customers

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