3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Online Marketing

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Online and Inbound Marketing has the potential to build a business up to greater heights, but without a plan in place it can be difficult to know where to start and what the best way is to get your message out to your target market. There are 3 very easy ways to get you started with online marketing and can form the basis of a basic marketing plan for your business that will only take a couple of hours a month to implement.

1. Send out emails to your contact lists

When you operate a business, whether it be a bricks and mortar store or an online website, you will be generating a list of contacts that you do business with on a regular occurrence. These contacts could be suppliers, active customers or potential leads and most of the time you have an email address on record where you can contact them at. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways a business can market themselves. By sending an email update to your contacts list that is valuable to your audience on a regular and consistent schedule, you are able to stay at the forefront of your customers minds and continue to be seen as offering them value.

Some handy tips for successful email marketing are:

  • Sign up to a reputable email marketing provider such as ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, Drip or Get Response. This way you are able to confirm to the Anti-Spam Act without having to do the hard work yourself.
  • Set up automated email campaigns that will automatically start every time you receive a new email subscriber
  • Only include teaser information within the emails you send out with links to the full article, product or service on your website to help drive more traffic there
  • Make sure to personalise the emails you send out. Include your name and links to social media accounts and make sure it is written like it is directed to only the recipient, not masses of unknown people
  • Your email subject lines play a big part on open rates so be sure to experiment with subject lines to see what works best for your audience

2. Engage with your followers on social media

To really succeed in digital marketing and online, businesses need to embrace social media accounts and begin engaging with there customers and followers. Connect with your audience by posting up content that is relevant to your business and useful to them. Show that you are a real entity and that you care by asking questions, engaging in conversations and replying to comments made on your posts.

Some handy tips about engaging in social media are:

  • Post up new updates to your social media accounts a few times a week
  • Posts with images perform better and catch the attention of your followers so always include a photo with every post for increased engagement and reach
  • By using hashtags (ie #webdesign), you can improve your reach and target a specific audience
  • If it feels like a daunting task to remember to post onto your pages multiple times a week, simply dedicate a small amount of time per week to schedule the posts you wish to appear throughout the next week. This way they will be posted up for you without any further input

3. Always ensure you are providing value to your audience

The truth is that customers only want to hear about what they want and how it provides them value. Always ensure that the content you are sharing to your audience, be it through your website, email marketing or social media, is always something that your audience will want to read and that it will provide them with value.

Simply only ever talking about yourself or business will not have great results unfortunately. The best results come from providing useful, engaging and highly visual content that your target audience is genuinely interested in.

You are able to find inspiration on the types of content and posts that your audience might respond best to through checking out your competitors social media accounts and blog posts. What content are they sharing that has the most engagement?

The wrap up

Your business’s online marketing will receive consistent growth and success from being consistent with providing valuable content to your target audience. By spending a few hours a month addressing the above steps, you will see a growth in your business potential.

What steps are you taking to consistently improve your online marketing efforts? Are they working? Are you looking for some help to get started or to improve your current efforts? We would love to hear from you to find out more.

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