12 Features You Should Have on Your Homepage

12 Features You Should Have on Your Homepage

We’ve written a post about pages every website must have and homepage is one. Your homepage is basically an amped up digital storefront. When users look up your website on search engines or directly enter your website’s URL, the homepage is the first thing they see. As your homepage will welcome potential customers it must have all the key features that will help bring in interest and hopefully seal the deal. Users will judge your business or brand through the first thing that they will see when visiting your website. This is the crucial part where they will decide if your business is worth exploring and doing business with.

Now let’s delve deeper and find out what features you should have on your homepage in order to avoid flops and gain more engagement and positive turnouts.

1. Logo

A logo is something visitors should first see when they reach your website. Keep it simple, place it on the top left of your website. It is the common hot spot on the page.

2. Headline

This is how you catch every visitor’s attention. It is a must that within 3 seconds you should tell visitors what your website is offering. Clear and simple. Direct to the point.

3. Navigation (Site Menu)

When on your website, visitors will need direction. In order to keep them interested, interacting, and exploring, give them choices of where to go, what to do, and what information to digest.

4. Call-to-Action

In order to keep visitors dig digging into your website and move them down further down the marketing funnel. Direct people to different stages of the purchasing cycle.

5. Introduction

Your website is not only to present and show your visitors what you have to offer, but it’s also somewhere you communicate with them. Adding a good introductory copy with keywords will help you rank higher on search engines.

6. Features and Benefits

Give visitors an understanding of what you have to offer and why they should choose you. Keep the copy easy to read!

7. Subscription

To give visitors an option to keep updated of your offers with news having a subscription option is the way to go.

8. Special Offer

Offers are a way to generate more leads from the homepage. Put it on a content block and give them an offer they can’t say no to.

9. Search Function

If you have a lot going on your website, having a search function will be convenient for visitors. This will enable them to quickly discover content without having to navigate manually around your website.

10. Success Stories or Testimonials

To convince visitors further, adding success stories and positive testimonial will help them reach a decision in your favor.

11. Photos

Instead of just showing visitors words to read on your homepage, photos are a great way to give them a visual note of what your business is about or products and services you offer.

12. Footer

This a standard feature of any website. This is where you can add additional features like your contacts, address with map, social media icons and link, and so much more.

These features are not listed in order but are definitely you should have. Crosscheck this list with the current features you have on your homepage and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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