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We work with businesses to set digital marketing goals which help them reach a larger audience and increase their sales

Web Design Services

Connect with your audience with a website specifically designed for your business and target needs.

Website Maintenance

Our WordPress Website Care & Maintenance plans are your solution to ensuring your website is ready, 24/7

Digital Marketing

Grow the online presence of your business through a successful digital marketing strategy and campaign.


Amy King is local to Kingaroy and the South Burnett

Impulse Impressions are passionate about working with businesses to create responsive websites that look great and target their specific needs and goals.
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Impulse Impressions provides a professional service, affordable website design, development & digital marketing solutions to small businesses in Australia. With both Australian & International clients, our website packages are the perfect solution for businesses to reach more customers online, ensuring your customers first impressions last.

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What Our Clients Say

Impulse Impressions always listen to what I wanted and created exactly what I had envisioned. Amy is always helpful and willing to change little things to make my website perfect. Their web designs are some of the most beautiful and clean I have ever seen.  Any business would benefit from their design touch!

Dannielle Wicks

Impulse Impressions are always helpful and replies very quickly to support queries.  The service I receive is always friendly, fast and reliable.  Amy from Impulse Impressions has always gone out of her way to give more than our package requires.

C R Family Daycare Providers

Amy is wonderful to deal with. Many times I have no clue of what services I'm needing but she is so patient and nothing's a hassle for her. Now I'm wishing to expand my knowledge to improve my business and she is right along side me with continual technical support. Keep up the great work. Thank you

Lisa - L M Floral Designs


Offering a range of services to suit all your business, website & digital marketing needs

Just because we offer a range of services, that doesn't mean you have to take advantage of them all at once. Of course, we would be super happy to work with you to create a detailed online marketing strategy that is tailored to your business needs and goals, but our web services can be approached like a menu where you can pick and choose the services you want to invest in. Impulse Impressions can help businesses with:



When you invest in custom web services from Impulse Impressions, you will receive in-depth market research which starts right from creating client avatars of your target market. By first creating a target client avatar, we can begin to directly target your ideal customers using their common online habits. If you don't know what your specific target client is, it will be like throwing money out the window with the hopes it will stick to someone.


Things to know about Impulse Impressions

Local Designer
from the South Burnett

Impulse Impressions is located in Kingaroy in the South Burnett and is proud to help many local businesses and community groups in gaining a successful online business presence.

Results Focused
& Goal Driven

We focus on establishing every businesses SMART goals for their website and putting the solutions in place to reach each one. We make your website work FOR you.

Ongoing Support
Options for Business

We have ongoing support plans available to make sure you never feel alone and a full range of online training videos to help you take control of your website and online brand.

WordPress Power
drives your website

Nearly 30% of all the websites out there are built using WordPress. It is a powerful CMS system that is flexible enough to suit most applications including ecommerce & more.

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